Law office Lamacz

Price list

We do our best to find the most accessible payment plan for every client, always proportionate to his or her situation. We do our best to offer services in a scope and scale that is accessible for everyone. If our legal aid exceeds the financial options of the client, a payment schedule can be arranged. It is our goal to make our services accessible for everyone. We do our best to find a solution, always.

Rate per hour

Personal consultation in our law firm or in your favourite café. We will go through all the details and find a proper solution.
As low as 2,000 CZK an hour

Initial consultations

You explain your problem to us, we make a quick assessment and outline possible solutions, we discuss the pros and cons of the possible approaches.
500 CZK / 15 minutes

Online consultation

If you need a one-time legal consultation or your problem is a small one, do not hesitate to contact us.
1,000 CZK per question
  • The price depends on the level of complexity of the case, the demands on time and degree of liability of the attorney at law.
  • If xour case is very complicated or its solution needs a foreign language, our rates are higher after a proper agreement with the client.
  • We offer a special rate for long-term clients.
  • Payment plan options available.
We offer all our services in Czech and English
<strong>Are you interested in</strong> our legal services?

Are you interested in our legal services?

Contact us, we will be happy to help.