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A job well done, friendly and flexible approach, services accessible for everyone, that is all natural for us. Every client comes to us with a story of his own. I always try to make this story a good end. I will advise you on family law, real estate law, business law and civil law.

Family law

  • Divorce with and without dispute
  • Contact and decision-making towards the children
  • Settlement of joint assets
  • Child support, spousal support
and others...
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Real estate law

  • Purchase and donation contracts
  • Liens on real estates
  • Escrows for payment of price
  • Rentals, leases, franchises
and others...
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Business law

  • Company formation
  • Corporate changes
  • Contracts, due diligence, legal audit
  • Debts and claims enforcement and administration
and others...
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Civil law

  • Client representation at courts
  • Drafting and audit of contracts
  • Title transfers, escrows
  • Formation of homeowners associations, cooperatives and other associations
and others...
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We offer all our services in Czech and English
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