Law office Lamacz

Initial consultation

If you need legal consulting, I am at your service. Do schedule a meeting. We approach each client individually. First, a critical assessment of the problem, viewing it from various angles, pointing out risks, outlining various potential solutions or approaches, showing pros and cons.
Step one

Contact the attorney at law

Write an email or call us. We respond to every email fast and always reply. We assess your case and give you a preliminary cost evaluation. If you are interested, we schedule an appointment.
Step two

Personal consultation

Without stress, over good coffee, we discuss your case. We can meet in our law firm or in a café or restaurant, whatever you wish. We will offer some options and solutions and evaluate the best approach. If you are interested, we can represent you in legal matters.
400 CZK / 10 minutes
Step three

Taking the case

If you wish so, we take the case and we arrange legal representation.
<strong>Are you interested in</strong> our legal services?

Are you interested in our legal services?

Contact us, we will be happy to help.